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Our Mission

Create a business where people want to work and make their lives better, not work just for a living.

Our Vision

Miles envisions a future where each traveler has no worries about reaching their destination. Miles is all about people who opt for our services and people who make those possible. We are the bridge ensuring excellent experience on both sides

Our Story

The idea of Miles was born back in 2016, in response to the growing demand and every new entrant that was coming in the marketplace as a technology-based platform. While thinking only how to maximize corporate profits and forget about the humane side who make these businesses prosper. At Miles we are here to listen to what Riders and Drivers have to say. We want to build a community where you want to join as an individual but become a part of Miles’s success both for you and for Miles.

Our Values


As an entrepreneur and a self- starter, we at Miles make it our responsibility to create and to lead a self-sufficient team, without having a fear of failing.


We do what we love and we strive to get even better at what we do.


We live by our mission and values. We are not perfect, and we do not pretend to be. At Miles, we believe in honesty and transparency.


Miles was built by our team’s efforts. Without our team, it would not have been possible. We always look out for one another. We know we are human, and we cannot do any of this alone.


Miles empowers drivers and passengers with better chances and astute quality services. We are committed to our ethos to keep the company's humane component thriving. With Miles, be rest assured you are in safe hands.


Miles provides a quality driver and user experience. Our strong values are reflected through transparent policies. We do not believe in hidden charges, cutting corners, or unfair restrictions. As a driver or passenger, you get to make a hundred percent informed choice. We are committed to being the best!

Our Team

At Miles, we thank every member of the team for being part of what we have become today. We believe in empowering our team to make the best possible decisions for the Miles brand. We listen, respect and care about our culture. We still have lots of work to catch up, and we could not do it without a single member of our team. Let's be a part of Miles.

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