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Earn better with Miles
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A step towards a safer future

Can earning money be made simpler?

Miles simplifies Life for drivers. Whether you aim to earn a few extra bucks or turn driving into a full-time gig, Miles brings in flexibility and the capability that empowers you to earn better.

Driver Friendly Features

It is as much about you as it is about us. With an aim to bring the human component back into the business, Miles features are fair and accommodating for drivers as well.

  • 1
    Open the app

    Sign in and slide to go online, Check schedule ride tab

  • 2
    Tap to accept a ride request

    Accept rides that fits your schedule

  • 3
    Start ride

    Start your ride and navigate to your destination

  • 4
    Drop and earn after ride

    Earn after every trip and track your earnings

Why drive with Miles


Driver Login

Login using your unique login ID and password. Drive anytime and anywhere you want.


Accept/Reject Request

You have the power to accept or reject ride requests.


Ride Information

You receive complete ride information. Check the ride details for all schedule rides from pick up address to date and time.


Real-time Requests

All ride now requests are based on real-time locations. You will receive notifications only from riders present near you.


Start & End Trip

Clear precise start and endpoints for each trip. It helps save time and effort for you.



After each ride check past ride details to keep a track of your earnings.